She’s Probably Been This Way Since The Time Of The Dinosaurs

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I’m at our annual county fair working in a booth belonging to a friend of my mom’s. It’s a temporary job selling handmade items such as jewelry and glass animals. I am finishing with another customer when an older woman waves me over from across the booth. She has a scowl.

Older Woman: “Come here!”

I am confused, as I saw her get helped already, but I make my way over.

Me: “Yes, ma’am. Did you have a question?”

She speaks rather aggressively, still scowling.

Older Woman: “Dinosaur!”

I am a little taken aback by said blunt aggression.

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Older Woman: *Even more aggressively* “Dinosaur!”

Me: “Okay. What kind of dino—”

Older Woman: “DINOSAUR!”

Me: *Internally screaming.* “I understand, ma’am. But what kind were you looking for? We have glass and beaded.”

Older Woman: “DINOSAUR!”

She jabs her finger towards my mom’s friend who is helping another set of customers on the opposite side of the booth, almost shoving her hand straight into the display of wine glasses.

Older Woman: “That lady told me you have dinosaurs that glow in the dark!”

Me: “All right. I’ll grab you one.”

I go to my boss and ask her about the glass dinosaurs since I’ve done the display before and don’t recall seeing them. She hands me a new one from the box and I take it back to the woman. It should be noted my boss is very giving with discounts. I hand it to her carefully.

Me: “This is the dinosaur we have.”

She snatches it from me with one hand, practically waving it around in circles to look it over.

Older Woman: “And how much is it?!”

Me: “It’s originally [price already far below retail], but she’ll let you have it for [even lower price].”

She stared at and kept waving it around in an angry, tight grip, mumbling and swearing under her breath about expensiveness and other gibberish before reaching over all the wine glasses towards me.

She refused to hand it over if I reached for or made any gesture to take it from her until she shoved it into my hands on her own terms. Thankfully, not she didn’t break anything as she pulled back and stormed away, still muttering to herself with an almost cartoon-sized scowl on her face.

Luckily, she never came back.

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