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“I’ll Just… Wait Here, Then…”

, , , , , , | Working | January 25, 2023

It is nearing 8:30, half an hour past closing time. (We close early on Sundays.) I’m manning the only register that’s still open, just in case there are any customers who have “mysteriously” not heard our closing announcements or seen the main lights turn out.

One of the managers is chatting with a supervisor as they approach the registers.

Manager: “[My Name], when do you get out? Nine or nine-thirty?”

Me: “Eight.”

Manager: *With a panicked and guilty expression* “Oh, s***! Gogogo!”

It took some effort not to laugh as I headed to my locker. In his defense, I hadn’t been kept there on purpose; he was just the first person with the authority to LET me off the register that had actually been there TO let me off.

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