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I’ll Have The Chicken With A Side Of Coincidence

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I want to go to a busy restaurant that requires bookings. I phone up to book a table for two a few days in advance. In the UK, it’s normal to make the booking under a surname; mine is a fairly easy word but not particularly common as a surname. I’m female.

My friend and I arrive at the restaurant and the waitress looks shocked.

Waitress: *Stutters* “There are two of you!”

She runs to the back and starts whispering frantically to get a manager. We are understandably a bit puzzled by this point and there doesn’t appear to be an empty table for us.

Eventually, the manager comes over and explains.

Manager: “Literally two minutes after you phoned to make the reservation, a man called asking for a reservation for two people, same day, time, and surname as yours. The waitress told me his wife had already phoned to book and we thought nothing of it, until we suddenly had two different parties show up.”

They found us a table fairly quickly and gave us some money off the bill for the wait, and I got a pretty good coincidence story!

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