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Buy Your Own Beer, Jerk

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It is Christmas and the office has a raffle. I don’t normally bother with it, as the prizes can be a bit naff. But this year, I get pushed into it and buy a ticket.

As it happens, the draw is held the day after I leave for the year, so I tell a bunch of my coworkers to hold on to anything I might win.

Fast forward to the new year, a week or so in. The subject of the raffle comes up.

Coworker: “Oh, did you pick up your prize?”

Me: “Wait, I won something?”

Coworker: “Yeah, a case of [popular beer].”

Me: “Oh, great! No, I didn’t. Who put it aside for me?”

Coworker: “I was going to, but [Human Resources Manager] volunteered. He was pretty insistent.”

I manage to catch up with him a few days later. He seems fine until I bring up the subject of the raffle.

HR Manager: “Did I? I can’t remember. Beer, was it?”

Me: “Apparently so. I was on holiday.”

HR Manager: “Some would say if you missed the draw, you miss out.”

He laughs, but I just stand silent.

Me: “So, if you could bring it into the office when you get a chance…”

HR Manager: “Sure, sure. I am sure I put it somewhere safe.”

A week or so passes. I don’t see him in the office much, so when I do, I take the chance.

Me: “Any luck on that beer? We’ve got a poker night next week that it would go towards.”

HR Manager: “Oh, that. No, sorry. I keep forgetting. I will bring it in Monday.”

It’s only Wednesday, but whatever. I’m not in the mood to argue. Tuesday comes around.

HR Manager: “I have that beer for you.”

Me: “That’s a four-pack of [cheaper beer]; the prize was a case of [export beer].”

HR Manager: “Oh, I’m sorry. I must have mistaken it and drank it.”

Me: “So, you will replace the beer.”

HR Manager: “Well, isn’t that enough?!”

Me: “No, could you replace my beer, which I won? With that same beer that you took and drank?!”

HR Manager: “Fine!”

He snatches the beer out of my hands.

Yet another couple of weeks later, I get the feeling that he has been avoiding me. I see him in a meeting with his boss. As politely as possible, I knock on the door and stick my head around.

Me: “So sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to remind [HR Manager] that he was going to replace the beer he took from me over Christmas. I’m sure he would appreciate the reminder as it has been several weeks.”

Big Boss:  “From the raffle? That was your beer?”

Me: “That’s right. Unfortunately, [HR Manager] forgot that he didn’t win it, then forgot it wasn’t his, and has now forgotten to replace it.”

Big Boss: *To [HR Manager]* “Very forgetful all of a sudden. I seem to recall you saying that you were hoping to snag that one, weren’t you?”

HR Manager: “I don’t recall saying exactly that…”

Big Boss: *To me* “Well, I’m sure [HR Manager] has no issue replacing your beer and perhaps a little more as an apology for his ‘forgetfulness.’”

HR Manager: “I don’t think that’s—”

Big Boss: “Tonight.”

Me: “Thank you, and sorry for interrupting.”

I got my case, but no extra and no apology. But I wasn’t really expecting one. I almost feel sorry for dropping him in it. Almost.

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