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I Got 4000 Problems And You’re All Of Them

, , , , | Right | September 26, 2020

I am at the electronics store one day. I’m a bit of a videophile and have just recently upgraded my TV and Blu-Ray player to 4K models, so I am excitedly picking up a few movies on 4K to test out the system. I snag about four movies and go to stand in line. There is a man who looks to be in his late fifties or early sixties ahead of me. He turns around and glances at the movies I am holding.

Customer: “Pfft. Show-off.”

I am not sure I heard him properly.

Me: “What was that?”

Customer: “I said you’re a show-off. Buying that overpriced crap! My son is the same way. DVD was perfect enough! You don’t need this Blu-Ray, 4K, jib-jab nonsense! You’re just spending money to say you’re spending money! Go put them back!”

Me: “Okay… I’m sorry, I guess?”

Customer: “Go put them back!”

Me: “Uh… no?”

Customer: “Go. Put. Them. Back. You don’t need them!”

Me: “Dude… leave me alone!”

Customer: “You should put them back!”

He then scowls and turns back around. When he gets up to the register, he starts ranting and telling the cashier I’m a jacka**. When he is finally done and I get up to the cashier, he turns around as he leaves and shouts one last thing.

Customer: “F****** SHOW-OFF!”

I have no clue what the guy had against me buying 4K discs, but at least the story had a silver lining; the discs looked fantastic on my display! And “Go put them back!” became a bit of a running joke with my friends for a while after I told them the story.

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