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I Got 244 Problems And You’re 422 Of Them

, , , | Right | August 25, 2020

A woman comes in for some thread and I show her where it is. After a few minutes, she comes back up.

Customer: “I’m looking for this color but I can’t seem to find it back there. It’s number 244 and it should be a tan color.”

I go back to help her look but there are no colors from 225 to 300.

Me: “I’m looking in the book for this company and that number doesn’t seem to exist.”

Customer: “Well, let me check where I wrote it down.”

As she goes to check her book, I look at number 422 on a hunch and it is a tan thread. I show it to her when she gets back.

Me: “Are you sure it wasn’t 422? See, it’s a tan color.”

Customer: “No, it can’t be. See, I wrote it down.”

She shows me her book where it says 244, so I put it away.

Customer: “You know, I bet I might have meant 422.”

She opens the drawer and pulls it out.

Customer: “See, it is a tan color, so I’ll get this one.”

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