Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 2

, , | Right | June 15, 2016

(It’s a fairly dull night shift, not much activity. The shop is dead at the moment and I don’t have much to do. A young boy comes in, looks about eight or nine, and comes up to me at the till.)

Kid: “Um, excuse me. Do you have any snack-y things?”

Me: “Sure, we’ve got some stuff in the lunch fridge here and some more on the other side.”

Kid: “Thanks!”

(He wanders off for a while and comes back around with a few things. He starts inspecting the coffee machine.)

Kid: “How much is coffee?”

Me: “It’s [price].”

Kid: “Okay, what does the man outside like?”

(I suddenly realize, he’s buying food for the homeless guy who usually sits near the store.)

Me: “Oh, it’s a white regular with sugar.”

Kid: “One of them, please!”

Me: “That’s very nice of you.”

Kid: “Well, I thought that since I have so much stuff I should give to people who need it more than me.”

(He paid for the food and gave it to the guy outside. And I was smiling faintly about it for the rest of the night.)


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