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23 Feel-Good Stories About Paying It Forward: Karma Can Be Good!

| Right | July 27, 2020

Dear readers,

We post a lot of stories on Not Always Right tagged “Instant Karma”, usually about some satisfying payback or the bad guy getting some sweet comeuppance. But it can also be a positive force, and we wanted to make sure we gave some attention to some GOOD karma today!

We’ve rounded up 23 heartwarming stories about people who decided to “pay-it-forward”, that beautiful selfless act in which someone throws a positive action into the ether in the hope to make the world just that little bit nicer, without expectation of a reward – a true good karmic act should be selfless!

We hope it’s the little burst of positivity you needed today!


Seize The (Mother’s) Day – Doing something nice for someone else can make your own day.

Pay It Forward Is Ballooning – Sometimes you just have the urge to be nice, twenty-five times over!

Any Given Sundae – The kid may not remember this birthday, but his parents sure will!

Treating You Fare-ly – This kind stranger is keeping friendships alive.

A Hot Slice Of Pay It Forward – Here’s a tip: kindness pays!

Bump It Forward – Sometimes karma takes a rather strange path.

Food For Thoughtfulness – This story features enough good karma to fill a whole minivan!

Boba It Forward – Take a moment to help another, and there might be a free drink in it for you!

Hold A Door Open, And Another One Opens – This customer opened the door to a week’s worth of pizza.

Don’t Mess With The Mousse – The only thing that tastes better than chocolate mousse is good karma.

Paying It Forward One Sip At A Time – Sometimes a meal with a lesson isn’t so bad.

Founded On Good Deeds – Bet you dollars to doughnuts that he finds what he’s looking for.

Making You Feel Like A VIP – This editor hates sports, but this story makes me want to see a game!

Paying It Forward Is Never Declined – He reads the situation better than the machine read her card.

Drive-Thru Apologies – A free meal turneth away wrath!

Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 2 – This kid will give you faith in the future of humanity.

Angels In America – Hold on a minute. It’s hard to write captions with tears in your eyes.

Drive It Forward, Part 2 – Lousy weather won’t dampen this lady’s kindness.

Feed It Forward – Another stranger with a heart makes sure a stranger eats!

Trained To Pay It Forward – The kindness train keeps on rolling!

Pay It Forward Is Coming – This lady warms hearts and houses all at once.

Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 7 – Sometimes rough times make you a better person.

Drive It Forward, Part 3 – Paying it forward keeps the holiday spirit going all year round.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of positive karma stories, and that you remember it when a bad karma story gets you down. Know any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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