Has Him Foaming At The Mouth

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(I work at a large chain arts and crafts store. I’m usually at the fabric counter, but tonight I am working registers. My coworker, the only other person on registers tonight, gives me that “Dear God, please save me” expression. She has a middle-aged man with a large slab of green upholstery foam in his cart at her register.)

Coworker: “This guest wants to know if we can ring up this foam for him.”

Customer: “I have the barcode for it right here.” *shows me the image on his phone*

Me: “I’m sorry; you need to take that back to the cutting counter so they can measure and price it for you.”

Customer: “But I have the price right here!”

Me: “I noticed. But it still needs to be taken back to the cutting counter so we can make sure it’s two and a half yards long, so we don’t overcharge you.”

Customer: “You can’t just do it from this? It’s just $69.99.”

Me: “It’s store policy that our green foam is measured and cut by the counter.”

Customer: “You mean I have to stand back there with all those women?”

Me: *pause* “That is what that would imply, yes.”

Customer: *wheeling his cart back out of the till* “Just so you know, that’s a s***ty policy!”

Me: “He’s going to s*** a brick when he realizes that’s $70 a yard. Should I call out and tell our entirely female staff at the counter about this guy?”

Coworker: “Definitely.”

(As far as I know, he didn’t get his foam and hasn’t been back.)

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