The Returner Versus The Couponator

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(I work at a craft store that accepts competitor coupons. After closing time the manager waits by the door to let out customers who stay late.)

Last Customer: “I have a coupon from [Competitor].”

Me: “All right!” *applies coupon* “You total is [total].”

(Finishes transaction.)

Last Customer: *irritably* “Can I have that coupon back?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Last Customer: “So I can use it at [Competitor], too?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am; I can’t return a coupon that’s already been used.”

Last Customer: *to my manager on her way out* “Your employee was very rude!” *leaves*

Manager: “What did you do to her?”

Me: “She wanted me to give back her used coupon.”

Manager: “Pshh!”

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The Lamps Are On, But No One Is Home

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(The store I work for is a little different in that we don’t hand-ring the stuff we sell; instead, the price gets hand-keyed in and classified into a department. If you were to purchase an item that was $19.99 from the home goods section, your receipt would show, “$19.99 Home Goods.” Because of this, we have a large problem with fraudulent returns where someone will purchase an item, slap the sticker on something we don’t sell, and then bring the unwanted item back in to return. All of the return cashiers, myself included, have gone through several meetings where if something just seems off, or if the item doesn’t look like anything we sell, then we should get verification from the department head first. It’s been a busy, stressful day where I have done way too many returns, following policy the whole time. As I have been employed here for a few years now, I know most of the stock we have. When it’s time for the department heads to come gather their returns to replace on the shelves, the department head storms over to me with a lamp I returned earlier.)

Department Head: “[My Name], did you return this lamp or did [Coworker who is currently on lunch]?”

Me: “I did. Why? What’s wrong with it? I inspected it thoroughly.”

Department Head: “Why didn’t you call me up here before you returned it?”

Me: “They had their receipt, so it wasn’t necessary to call you.”

Department Head: “And how old was their receipt?”

Me: “It was less than a week old; why does that matter? If it had been too old, it would have shown as non-returnable when I scanned the receipt in.”

Department Head: “Well, you had one pulled over on you. We don’t carry this lamp, so now I have to toss it out, and we lose that money.”

Me: “Since when do we not carry that lamp?”

Department Head: “We have never carried this lamp.”

Me: “Well, that is really crazy.”

Department Head: “I know my department! And I know we have never carried that lamp.”

Me: “Well, if that is the case, then this lamp has been frequently returned before.”

Department Head: “No, you’re the only one that has done that.”

Me: “Okay, for starters, I have only had a few bad returns, and that was shortly after I first started. And another thing: I sold this lamp only five days ago, to the people who returned it today. I remember it so well because I thought it was a very beautiful and interesting lamp. So, either it is a new item that you haven’t noticed yet, or someone else fraudulently returned it before I did so that I was able to resell it.”

Department Head: “You sold this lamp?”

Me: “Of course. I even had a conversation with the couple that bought it, as they weren’t 100% sure it would be a good fit, and I explained to them our return policy.”

(She turns around and stalks off towards her department. About three minutes, later she comes back to the front and I see her pull my CSM to the side. The two of them talk for about 30 seconds before she walks off again.)

CSM: *to me* “She said she carries that lamp, and it’s a brand new item that just came in on Thursday, so she hasn’t even seen it yet.”

(Thursday was the day I sold it to the couple.)

Me: “I wonder why she couldn’t just come over and tell me that.”

CSM: “Honestly, I think she was embarrassed.”

(I never did get an apology from that particular department head, but she has been a little nicer towards me since that interaction.)

Public Announcements Are A Blessing

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(I am up at the front of the store on the registers, and my store manager is nearby. Our building is on the larger side. You’d have to yell pretty loudly to talk with someone at the back of the store from the front, which is why we use radios. As I am ringing up a customer, we hear someone sneezing from at least halfway back in the store.)

Unknown Person: “Ah-CHOO! Ah-CHOO! AH-CHOO!”

(My store manager walks to the computer and picks up the phone.)

Store Manager: *on the overhead PA system* “Bless you.”

(The customer and I both start giggling, and we can hear someone, presumably the one who sneezed, crack up loudly in the distance. I soon find out who was sneezing.)

Coworker: *five seconds later over our radios* “Thank you.”

Return Of The Returner: Mysteries From The Past

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(I work as a manager for a large chain of craft stores. Our company recently changed the return policy so customers could return anything, not matter what, as long as it was from our chain. Naturally, customers, being customers, have taken full advantage of this. This instance happens very soon after the policy change.)

Cashier: “Uh… I have a situation with a return up here.”

Me: “Do they have the receipt?”

Cashier: “Yeah, but, it’s… really old.”

Me: “Okay, well, the new policy says we have to take it.”

Cashier: “Well, it’s not coming up in the register.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll be up there in a minute.”

(I get to the register and the cashier just looks really bewildered. I don’t think much of it; I just guess that maybe they haven’t had any return issues like that one. I approach the register.)

Me: “Hi! I hear we are having a return issue?”

Customer: “I guess the receipt is too old for the register, but I do have it! And the items, here.” *gestures to items*

(I have been working for the company for two and a half years, but I have never seen these items. I’m starting to think this is a scam, or that she bought the items at a different store and has forgotten. Then, I get a look at the receipt. It’s dated 2008.)

Me: “This receipt is nine years old.”

Customer: “Yep!”

Cashier: “I told you!”

Me: “You didn’t say it was nine years old!

(I had to call over another manager, as I had no clue how to return something that had been out of the system so long that the system couldn’t recognize it anymore. I’ve had a lot of memorable returns, but that one definitely stands out!)


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(I work at a major craft store as a cashier. It’s a Saturday, which happens to be extremely busy. A family comes through my line with the mother on her phone. I greet the customers and begin to ring them up. One of their items is without a price tag on it. We have to put everything manually in as we do not scan things except for patterns. I bring this to their attention so they are aware of the situation.)

Me: “Ma’am, this doesn’t have a price tag. I’m going to have to get a price check on it.”

Both The Women: *while still on the phone and her husband* “Well, can’t you just scan it?”

Me: “No, I have to manually put everything in. All I can scan are patterns. I just wanted you to be aware of the situation—”

(As I tell them this, her husband went to get another one on his own accord when she looks up from her phone and out of nowhere shouts.)

Woman: “Well, stop being so d*** rude then and go get me another one!”

(By this time, her husband already has another item identical to it as she huffs off with her daughter. I finish up checking them out, and get to the next customer in line.)

Customer #2: “Geez. You weren’t being rude. You were letting her know what was going on.”

Me: “I can’t leave my till, anyway.”

Customer #2: “You have more patience than I do. I would have told her to get off the phone and that she was the one being rude. “

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