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There’s a rush at check out, so I’m called to my register. I arrive to find a customer with a cart load of products laid out on my counter while she sorts through them.

Me: Excuse me. Sorry, I’m going to need this register.

Customer: You can’t use another one?

Me: Unfortunately no. We’re assigned to a register.

The customer reluctantly acquiesces and starts loading everything back into her cart.

Customer: *gets halfway and stops*
Actually, can you just ring me up?

Me: *looking over at the long line of people who’ve been restlessly waiting*
You’ll have to ask them.

Customer: *looks at the line*

The Current Situation Is Elastic

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We’ve just reopened after being closed for almost two months because of the global health crisis. It’s been a crazy first couple of days back. I’m trying to put things away in my department when a customer approaches me.

Customer: “Do you have elastic?”

Me: “We’ve been out of elastic since March, and we won’t get a truck for a couple of weeks. The closest things we have at the moment are bungee cord in this aisle over here and elastic thread in the sewing department.”

Customer: “What? Bungee cord? What do you mean?”

I show her the bungee cord. It’s not what she wants.

Me: “The next closest thing we have is over in sewing.”

I walked her in that direction. She grumbled about how ridiculous it was that we didn’t have elastic, which would also be in the sewing department. I didn’t respond, just continued walking her to the sewing department. That item was also not what she wanted, and I apologized for the inconvenience.

But honestly? Nobody has elastic. Everyone’s using it for masks. What we had sold out in days two months ago. Sigh.

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I work at a locally owned fine art store, we sell very expensive paper and we must count the sheets before wrapping it in butcher paper. Usually it isn’t an issue until…
Me: Would you like to wrap these today or bag them?
Older Woman: Wrapped, I have eleven sheets.
*I take the paper from her and begin to count it*
Older Woman: What are you doing?
Me: I have to count it, just a policy for the store.
Older Woman: You think I’m stupid? That I can’t count?
Me: No, the store put the policy in place to prevent theft.
Older Woman: Are you calling me a thief?!
Me: No ma’am.
Older Woman: You know what? I don’t want it! You’re so unbelievably RUDE. I’m never coming back.
Me Thinking Internally: If only.

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I work on a craft store and one way to get coupons is email and we actually get marks on how many emails we collect. I start checking out a middle aged woman.

Maw: do you have any coupons I can use?
Me: I’m sorry. I can’t just hand them out. If you have a smart phone though you can look one up
Maw: I don’t have a smart phone.
Me: then I’m sorry i can’t help you. Your total is (total) can I have your email address?
Maw (in a really condescending voice) well if I can’t have a coupon I’m not giving you my email.

Wish I could have told her off.

But Aren’t All Stores The Same?!

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I get called over by a coworker to help with a question from a customer. She mentions something about a cash return, so I’m assuming it’s a return issue. When I get there, it’s just a normal purchase.

Me: “What’s the problem?”

Customer: “How do I get cashback?”

Me: “Oh, we don’t do cashback here, unfortunately. But there’s a [Grocery Store] just down the block!”

Customer: “What? But [Clothing Store next door] does cashback!”

The store in question has nothing to do with us. We’re a craft store; they’re a clothing store. We have different parent companies, different policies, and different POS systems. The closest thing we have to any sort of association is being next door to each other.

Me: “Yes, they might, but we’re a completely different company with different ways of doing things.”

The customer complained the entire time while checking out that we didn’t do cashback. The kicker is, I went to the clothing store next door a few days later, and they didn’t do cashback, either!

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