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, , | Hopeless | July 24, 2016

(I have been on campus since five am working out before my classes start. My schedule, being what it is, has me in class from eight am to five pm without enough time to go home in between. I am at a campus shop 30 minutes before my first class and just about to purchase my food. When I reach for my wallet however, it is not there… or anywhere.)

Me: *to Cashier* “I’m sorry, I seem to have left my wallet at home. Just void my transaction and I’ll put everything back.”

Cashier: “Are you sure? We can just put it on hold for you while you run back.”

Me: “I live about 30 minutes away walking and I have a class soon. Thanks, though.”

(There has been a very patient gentleman waiting behind me who has been observing this whole interaction. He is in his late teens.)

Gentleman: *to the cashier* “How much does she owe?”

Cashier: “About $12.”

Gentleman: *to me* “Ma’am, if you don’t mind, I’ll pay for you.”

Me: “Oh, that’s really not necessary. I can just call my husband and he can bring me something in a few hours.”

Gentleman: “I insist.”

Me: “May I have your contact information so I can pay you back?”

Gentleman: “No, ma’am. I would be insulted if you did. Just pay it forward, please.”

(My husband, thankfully, was able to run my wallet to me about six hours later. I am happy to say that thanks to that gentleman not only was I able to get through a day of grueling classes and work, but someone else got their meal paid for a few days later!)

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