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Going To Stick Around

, , | Hopeless | July 22, 2016

(I am at an advanced learn-to-play hockey practice and am in the middle of a pickup game towards the end of practice. A big guy, approximately 6’6″ and 250 lbs, comes speeding down the ice with the puck. He is the type of guy who people say has a bad attitude and is never happy. As a big guy myself, 6’4″ and 235,I go to stand my ground and force him into the boards when he barrels into me and chips the puck behind me without breaking stride. I fall to the ice, right onto my butt. Good thing I have a helmet on or I would’ve had a concussion. Fast forward a week later and he sees me with a stick not meant for me (it was kind of whippy) and skates over to me.)

Guy: “Here, dude, try this.”

(He hands me his stick, which was shorter but a lot stiffer, while taking my other stick out of my hands. I assume that he is going to use my stick, but he tosses it behind the bench and grabs another one of his. I’m about to ask why, but the drill has already started so I make do and use it for the rest of practice. At the end, I skate over to him to give the stick back but he holds his gloved hand up.)

Guy: “Keep it.” *he then skates away*

(I feel like I need to at least give him something so after I get out of my gear and back into my street clothes I fish a 20 out of my wallet and find him in another changing room. He stops me as I’m about to give him the bill.)

Guy: “Dude, it’s fine. I got plenty of spares. Don’t worry about it.”

(Just goes to prove you don’t know a person until you see what type of character he has. Even if he did barrel into you and make you fall on your butt.)

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