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It’s Father’s Day, Read All About It!

, , , , | Related | November 28, 2017

(It is the day before Father’s Day and I am taking my four-year-old daughter shopping.)

Me: “[Daughter], tomorrow is Father’s Day and we need to buy Daddy a present. What do you want to get for him?”

Daughter: “Um… A newspaper.”

Me: “You want to buy Daddy a newspaper for Father’s Day? Remember that we are getting him something to show that we love him.”

Daughter: “Yes, a newspaper that he loves.”

Me: *instantly a bit worried about her understanding of the word “newspaper,” as we never read them at home* “Do you know what a newspaper is?”

Daughter: “It’s… Um… It’s a book.”

Me: “Well, yes, it’s kind of like a book.”

(She is distracted by something else, and I decide to see where this is going. Thirty minutes later, we are in a kiosk, and she has been pointing to various gossip magazines trying to decide which one to buy. I try to gently guide her towards the actual newspapers to show her what they are, but suddenly she finds the perfect one.)

Daughter: *delighted gasp* “Mommy! Dinosaurs! It’s a dinosaur newspaper! We can buy this one. Can we buy this one?”

Me: “That is a very nice dinosaur magazine; do you want to buy it for Daddy?”

Daughter: “Yes, because he loves dinosaurs, and I do, too.”

Me: “Well, okay, then. Let’s buy it.”

Daughter: *giggles and bounces all the way to the cashier*

(And that’s how he got a kid’s magazine about dinosaurs as a Father’s Day gift this year. He was delighted, and spent time reading it to her the next day.)

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