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Entitlement Bred From Good Intentions, Part 2

, , , , | Right | November 16, 2020

I work in a large grocery store chain. In my particular store, the deli department is right next to the bakery department. An elderly customer walks up to the bakery counter.

Customer: “Hello, I’d like a bag of your frozen clam chowder from your back freezer.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, clam chowder is in the deli.”

Customer: “No, I got it from behind this counter.”

Me: *Utterly confused* “In the… bakery, sir?”

Customer: “Yes, from this bakery.”

Not wanting to turn this into an argument, I go ask my manager the best way to handle the situation.

Me: “[Manager], how should I go about handling a customer that is absolutely convinced he got a bag of clam chowder from this bakery and not the deli?”

Manager: “I would just walk him over to where the soup is and show him.”

Me: “Right, thanks.”

I return to the customer.

Me: “Sir, if you please follow me, I’ll show you just where we keep our chowder.”

The customer notices that I’m heading away from the bakery.

Customer: “But I didn’t get it from the deli! I got it from behind this bakery right here!”

Fortunately, my manager intervenes.

Manager: “Honey, this is a bakery; we don’t have soup in this department. Please follow [My Name] and he’ll be happy to show you just where it is.”

The customer seems unsure but follows me to the deli where, mother of all surprises, we get him his chowder. It turns out that the customer had previously been served by one of our more highly customer-service-oriented employees who floats between the deli and bakery departments. She had decided to run and grab this customer his clam chowder while she was working in the bakery, unfortunately leading to his confusion. About a week later, the customer returns to the bakery counter.

Customer: “A bag of clam chowder, please.”

Me: “Deli, sir.”

He began to open his mouth before a look of realization crossed his face and he shuffled off to the deli.

Entitlement Bred From Good Intentions

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