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Doing A Disservice To A Good Boy’s Service

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I work in a corporate chain restaurant. I’m an eighteen-year-old hostess. The customer is about a thirty- to forty-year-old female, and she sounds very disgusted.

Customer: “You allow dogs in here?”

She is referring to another customer with a service dog.

Me: “It’s a service dog.”

Customer: “It better be! That’s gross! Are you sure it’s a service dog?!”

Me: “The customer has a badge around his neck for the dog and our managers have seen the paperwork.”

Customer: “What kind of service dog is it?! It’s disgusting that it’s allowed in here!”

Me: “I’m not sure, but service dogs are used for all different things. Again, our managers have seen the paperwork and the person has a badge for the dog around his neck.”

Customer: “Well, check again! It’s against health code!

She then stormed out. This all happened after she had eaten and paid for the meal.

The customers with the service dog have become recent regulars of ours, and I really hope they didn’t hear how rude the others were being.

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