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21 Ridiculous Stories About People Who Just Don’t Understand Service Animals

| Right | July 26, 2020

Dear readers,

Look. We get it. It’s hard to resist the urge to pet cute puppers that cross our paths! But just as you wouldn’t touch someone’s wheelchair, you should leave their service dogs alone, too. Some people seem to struggle with that concept.

Thirty years ago today, the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law, confirming the right of disabled Americans to access the world with greater ease. This included protections for service animals. In honor of the occasion, we’ve gathered up 21 stories of people who just don’t seem to understand the important place service animals hold in the lives of their owners.


Disservice Dog – Your cat may be mean, but he doesn’t trump the law.

Best To Let Sleeping Service Dogs Lie – A service dog is not an invitation to be nosy.

Blind To Reason, Part 6 – You’d have to be blind to miss the service vest.

Has A Sudden Vested Interest – Kids understand service dogs… if their parents are willing to teach them.

Was Looking For A Dog-Gone Reason To Complain – The dog has more rights because the dog isn’t a huge jerk.

Can’t Say No To Her Puppy-Dog Eyes – She’s allergic to dogs, respect for others, and reason!

The Filthy Animal In This Story Is Not The Dog – Even if it wasn’t a service dog, why would you think this was okay?

Teaching Me To Feel Normal – After that last monster, here’s something a little lighter.

Service Dog Versus Customer Service – These dogs do their jobs better than certain employees do.

Doing A Disservice To Service Dogs – Service dogs are amazing, but they can’t levitate.

We Unclearly Love Animals – Once again, reading comprehension would save the day.

Do Yourself A Service And Leave Service Dogs Alone – The guy screams profanities and harasses service dogs, but the dog owner’s the a**hole. Sure.

Doing A Disservice To A Good Boy’s Service – This lady knows gross, that’s for sure.

Can’t Put This Dog Off Your Scent – This author isn’t disabled, but we suspect the man they encounter might be deaf.

Best To Give Them A Doggy Bag – This guy is disturbed, but not as disturbed as he’ll be when his wife is through with him.

Protect The Dog, And Everyone Will Protect You – This woman takes “Wild & Unruly” to the next level.

Not All Families Are Going To The Dogs – Here’s another palate cleanser for you after that wild ride.

A Disservice To Service Dogs – What is it with people trying to drag dogs out of stores?!

Please Do Not Pet The Managers – You probably shouldn’t pet him, but this manager definitely deserves a treat.

Blind To Any Other Reason – Don’t be a weenie (dog) about people’s service animals!

To wrap things up, here’s an adorable story where someone finally gets to pet the dogs!

Feel “Free” To Go Aww – Even service dogs (and those in training) get to have fun occasionally!


We hope this collection of stories didn’t leave you dog tired! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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