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Glad She Didn’t Order The Soup

| Tualatin, OR, USA | Working | October 15, 2013

(My aunt and I have stopped for dinner at a very popular steak house. This takes place after our waiter has delivered our starter salads and we’ve eaten nearly half.)

Aunt: “Oh my God!”

Me: “What?”

Aunt: “There is a worm in my salad!”

(I look down and sure enough, there is a tiny little green worm clinging to a piece of lettuce on her plate. We wave the waiter over to our table.)

Aunt: “Excuse me; there is a worm in my salad.”

Waiter: “You’re right. That is a worm. That’s weird. They’re usually in the broccoli…”

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A Doodle In A Doddle

| USA | Working | October 15, 2013

(I’m working at a popular retail store over the summer. I open one morning, and an hour before we open the doors, my manager tells me to wait in the fitting room for him to bring me shirts to fold. It takes him about two minutes, and while I wait, I doodle on a post-it note on the desk. He brings me the shirts and the day goes on as usual. The next week, I get called into the office by the second manager.)

Manager: “Ah, there you are. Can I ask what this is?” *he holds up my doodle*

Me: “It was just something I sketched while I waited for [Other Manager] to bring me shirts to fold.”

Manager: “You know, we really can’t tolerate this laziness.”

Me: “…I’m sorry, what?”

Manager: “This must have taken you over ten minutes. Surely there was something more productive you could have been doing.”

Me: “It took me about two minutes, and no, I had already gone through fitting room open procedure. I was folding shirts BECAUSE I had nothing else to do. I’m sorry it bothered you, though; I won’t do it again.”

Manager: “This is really just unacceptable. Your work ethic is lacking and the idea that you would spend so much time drawing on the job is concerning to me.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it really was just two minutes, and the store wasn’t open yet. I promise I checked to make sure there was nothing else in the fitting room to take care of.”

Manager: “You’re lucky I found this and hid this before the district manager saw it. He’d be furious.”

Me: “Right, well—”

Manager: “Seriously, you broke so many policies by doing this.”

Me: “Sir, my shift started ten minutes ago; can I get to work now?”

Manager: “Fine. But this absolutely cannot happen again. If you’re going to waste hours of our time doodling, you should just quit.”

(I did quit not long after, and got a new job at a coffee shop; the best part is that when my manager at the coffee shop found one of my doodles that I did on my break, he promoted me to head of their advertising department and I got a raise!)

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Weighted Responsibility

| Working | October 15, 2013

Press One For Babble

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Watch Your Every Move

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