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And That’s How The CEO Cookie Crumbles

, , , | Right | April 7, 2022

I’m helping run our stall at a big convention. We are only a small company and the big ones have lots of fancy displays, screens, lights, and all sorts. We don’t get much foot traffic the first day, and my boss is already talking about this being a bit of a waste of money.

He sends me home early, mainly because there is nothing for me to do. I hatch a plan and head home to start baking. The next day, I bring a big batch of my popular cookies and set them on the table behind us.

We get a lot more interest on the stand. Some actually do seem really genuine. Then, this guy walks up; he stands out from a mile away. Instead of smart business wear, he is wearing shorts and a dirty T-shirt.

Guy: “Hey, can I have some of those cookies?”

Me: “Sure, do you think you might have a need for our services?”

He looks at the stand for a second and thinks.

Guy: “No, I just want the cookies.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. These are for new customers only.”

Guy: “Okay, I changed my mind. I do have a need.”

Me: “That’s great. What service do you think you might need?”

Guy: “I don’t know. What do you do?”

Me: *Pauses* “I will leave you with a brochure. You let me know when you’re ready.”

I start chatting to people who seem actually interested. I look back at the guy. I’m hoping that he will give up, but no, he’s still there.

Me: “Okay, so how are we getting on?”

Guy: “Yeah, I’m interested in [random service]. Can we sit down now?”

Me: “Of course! Just jot your business details on this piece of paper here then I will take you over.”

He is clearly getting frustrated, but he keeps up the pretence. I cast an eye over his paper. He has put himself as CEO of a very well-known company.

Me: “CEO? Oh, wow, how long have you held that position?”

Guy: “I’m new.”

Me: “I would say so, because the actual CEO only came by this morning.”

Guy: “Whatever. Are we sitting down or not?”

Me: “Not. Goodbye, Mr. CEO.”

He swore at me and left. My boss only later told me that he knew the guy; he goes to all the shows pretending to be interested, sometimes for freebies, but mainly, he thinks, just to waste people’s time.

The show wasn’t a complete waste. We got a few new customers, and my boss started to pay me extra to bring in cookies for customer visits and all future shows!

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