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And That Is How The Expensive Cookie Crumbles

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2021

At the café where I work, we sell cookies that are made in-house. It is also important to note that the cafe is located in a very wealthy neighborhood. A woman, maybe in her late fifties, approaches the counter and just points at the cookies and smiles. I ask her if she wants them and she nods yes.

Me: “Okay, that will be 2,20€.”

The customer is still smiling while slowly pushing a fifty-cent piece across the counter.

Me: “Umm… it’s 2,20. I need a bit more.”

The customer adds a twenty-cent piece and slides that across the counter.

Me: “Okay, now we have seventy cents but the cookie is 2,20€.”

Customer: “Wait, how much does it cost?”

Me: “2,20€.”

Customer: “Seriously?”

Me: “Well, we do make them fresh in house.”

Customer: *Huffs* “I could make that at home!”

Even if she disagreed with the price, did she really think that a house-made cookie would only cost fifty cents?! Vending machine cookies cost more than that!

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