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Newly opened store, but most of the staff behind the counter (myself included) worked and was trained at another location and was transferred over to ensure the opening ran smoothly. During opening week, a Guest (customer, but our chain is very insistent on terminology) comes up to the counter and starts looking at pizzas.

Me: “Hello, welcome, how may I help you today?”

Guest: “Which of these pizzas would you recommend?”

Me: “Well, the Greek pizza is one of our most popular, one of these over here. It’s got *lists toppings for her*”

Guest: “Wow, that sounds good, and it looks pretty god too. can I get one of those, please?”

Me: “Of course, would you like it heated or do you want to take it home cold for later?”

Guest: “Cooked, please!”

*Cooks pizza*
*Guest asks to see cooked pizza before I box it and cut it*
*obliges guest, guest approves, pleasantries continue*
*cuts pizza*

Guest: “Wait a second, can I see that one more time, please?”

Me:” Of course, ma’am”

*shows her pizza*

Guest: “. . . I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SHOVE ON ME, THIS PIZZA LOOKS LIKE S**T, ALL OF YOUR FOOD IS S**T, I AM TALKING TO YOUR MANAGER, THIS STORE IS HORRIBLE, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, I’M GOING TO *wanders off mid-rant, shouting and swearing all the way, towards the front of the store*
*other employees, including assistant manager, stare as she goes*

Me: “. . . . Hope you have a great day, ma’am.”

*Guest is thankfully never seen again*