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(I am on vacation and receive a text from my manager which is fairly unusual.)
Manager: Hey, (my name) I’m really sorry to bother you but do you have time to answer a question about a customer interaction?
Me: Yeah, what’s up?
Manager: This woman came in today and told me that you refused to make her a smoothie last week.
Me: Hmm…don’t remember that.
Manager: Well she said that you told her that we couldn’t make her a strawberry smoothie like she wanted. She was really vague and a little wacky.
Me: Oh!! I remember now! She wanted me to make her a strawberry smoothie. I tried to explain that we only have strawberry banana yogurt smoothies and that we use a mix. I showed her the carton and everything. She also said she’s allergic to bananas and lactose intolerant.
Manager: Oh my. Okay. Well I guess I can tear up the note that says she gets a free drink next time she comes in.
(Sometimes good managers are on your side! He was the best!)

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