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This happened to my co-worker.

Co-worker: Hello, are you waiting to be served?
Customer 1: No, I’m waiting for a bus.
Co-worker: Ok then. (she proceeds to serve the next customer in line. After customer two leaves and my co-woker is about to serve a third customer, Customer 1 sheepishly catches her attention)
Customer 1: I’d like some corned beef…

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Store manager in training is talking with the deli manager and learning about the department when the phone rings. The deli manager told her to answer it
M.I.T. Thank you for calling (store name) how can I help you … let me ask
She then asks if we carry pony plugs.
Deli manager smerks ask on the radio ( all of the management wears radios ) she asks on the radio if we carried pony plugs
Gets back to the customer on the phone and tells them no I’m sorry we don’t carry that
Afternoon she hung up she looked confused and said that the customer was laughing. She later googled it and found out that she had just asked the store manager if we sold a sex toy.

A Two Too Much, Part 2

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I work in a deli/convenience store where you have to order your sandwich on a touch-screen. Some customers get confused about this, especially if they’re not from the area, so I’m used to coming around to help.

Customer: “How do I order two of the same sandwich?”

Me: “You have to order it on the screen. Pick lunch and dinner.”

Customer: “But how do I order two?”

Me: “I’m getting there. Do you want a hot or cold hoagie?”

Customer: “I want two.”

Me: “You can change the quantity at the end but you need to pick what kind of hoagie you want first.”

Customer: *Picks cold hoagies* “How do I get two?”

Me: “What kind of meat do you want sir?”

Customer: *Picks Italian* “How do I get two?”

Me: “We’re almost there. Just pick the toppings you want.”

Customer: *Picks toppings* “How do I get two?”

Me: “Hit ‘update quantity.’”

The customer hits update quantity and buttons with numbers appear.

Customer: “How do I get two?”

Me: “Just hit the two.”

The customer hits the four and completes the order.

Me: “Okay, sir, you can pay with your slip at the front.”

Customer: “Thank you!”

The customer goes to pay. I go to the deli and make the four sandwiches he ordered. I call his order number when they are ready, placing the sandwiches on the counter.

Customer: “Why the f*** are there four sandwiches? I wanted two!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but you ordered four and paid for four, so that’s what I had to make.”

Customer: “Well, you did a terrible job of telling me how to get two sandwiches if I ended up with four!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. But you paid for four sandwiches so these are all yours.”

Customer: “Well, I only want two!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir.”

I start buzzing for the manager.

Me: “We can give you a refund on two of them if you want.”

Customer: “No, forget it. The cashier is probably just as f****** stupid as you are!”

He took two of the sandwiches and stormed out.

A Two Too Much

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(I work for a semi-popular deli and we have a warmer for keeping orders nice and hot. It’s been a long day, so my coworkers and I all decide to chip in and treat ourself to a small chicken brest. I put one in the warmer and stick a SOLD sticker to it.)
Customer: I know *manager* personally, and he said I could have a discounted order.
(I know it’s going to be a long transaction. Also, my manager is female.)
Me: I’m sorry, I can’t do any discounting just cause you know claim to know someone.
Customer: Well he said I could have 1/2 off my purchase. You should give me my discount!
(She has a small platter, one that costs $10.00)
Me: I can’t give you any discount. We don’t do that here. Im sorry if anyone misled you.
(She suddenly looks at me, and explodes in rage.)
Customer: How dare you disrespect me! I am a paying customer at this s*** hole! My business pays your d*** bills! I DESERVE RESPECT FROM YOU!!
(She then grabbed the chicken we were cooking and threw it at me. She thankfully missed, and it hit the wall)
Customer: Go to hell!
(She stormed out of the store. I just stood there, shocked. I never saw her come in again.)

How Do I Put This Deli-cately, Part 5

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I’m a customer deciding on what to get at a supermarket delicatessen. A worker has already approached me asking if she could help and I told her I still needed some time deciding. Another customer storms up to counter.

Customer: “HELLO?! Excuse me!” *Mumbles something*

Deli Worker: “Sorry, what was that, ma’am?”

Customer: *Very loudly* “Where are the delicatessen premade salads?! I have been looking everywhere for them!” 

The deli worker is a tad stunned and points down in front of herself and the customer.

Deli Worker: “They are right here, ma’am.”

The customer turns red and begins to stutter.

Customer: “Oh, they are right here!”

The customer calls over her friend. They order some salads, and as they do, the customer is telling her friend very quietly how the deli worker was trying to embarrass her about the salads being in front of her.

Customer: *Places cash on the counter* “Here! Where the heck is my bag for these?!”

Deli Worker: “Ma’am, you pay up at the checkouts and you can get a bag up there if you like.”

The customer went red-faced and scurried away with her friend.

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How Do I Put This Deli-cately

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