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(I’m helping a customer to find an item, and we have a bit of small talk. There’s a manager we have who is currently on extended medical leave, as she is pregnant with twins and her doctor is worried about all the physical activity and stress that she would have at the job. She’s been away for several weeks at this point.)

Customer: “By the way, is [pregnant manager] here today?”

Me: “Nope, she’s on maternity leave.”

Customer: “She had a baby? That’s so exciting!”

Me: “Oh, no, not yet. She’s just got twins coming soon.”

Customer: “She adopted twins?”

Me: “…no. She’s pregnant with twins. She’s due in about two months.”

(Perhaps I didn’t word things correctly, but I’m still not sure how talking about maternity leave and mentioning twins doesn’t give the idea that she is/was pregnant with twins, but rather that she’s adopting.)

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