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10 Stories About The Stupidest Tech Support Calls Ever

| Right | October 17, 2020

Dear readers,

Tech support can be a blessing to those of us who get easily confused with how fast technology is changing and modernizing. We understand that not everyone can understand the increasing complexity of the computers and software that we use, but we trust the tech support operative to know how to get us where we need to be.

And then there are those in the following roundup of ten tech support horror stories that will leave you scratching your head and feeling very sorry for the operative!


Perhaps He Would Prefer An Abacus – Maybe they should stick to counting on their fingers and toes.

It’s Going To Be A Long Day – Technically correct, but not technically competent.

Error 404: Brain Not Found – You have to actually, you know, read the words.

Pot Calling (and Calling, and Calling) The Kettle Black – Nothing like the good old days. And the screeching. God, the screeching.

All Quiet On The Modern Front – Give it a few years until Alexa comes into the picture.

The Lights Are Off, But Sadly Someone’s Home, Part 2 – Holy self-awareness, Batman!

Lack Of Grey Matter, Part 2 – This person may need to be monitored…

How About Some TechiFlu – Oh, honey… no.

Not Remotely Intelligent – Sounds like his brain was installed backward.

I Once Had A Game This Big – Was this story written in the dark ages?!


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about tech support horror stories! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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