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They’re In Four A Rude Awakening

, , , , , | Right | October 17, 2020

I am working an evening shift. A customer comes in, disgustingly chewing a plastic straw right in front of my face as well as leaning over the counter. We do a $5 quarter-chicken-and-chips deal but it’s only available until 4:00 pm and there are big, bold, black letters on the banner that states this policy.

Customer: “Can I get that $5 thing you have?”

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, we can’t do that after 4:00 pm.”

Customer: “What?! It’s not f****** after 4:00 pm!”

Me: “Yeah, it’s 4:45 pm. That’s what it says on my register.”

I then watch him take out his phone. He starts adjusting the time on his phone so it can say 3:55, and then he proceeds to shove his phone in my face saying it’s 3:55 pm and that my register is wrong.

Customer: *Angry* “Seeee?! Are you f****** blind? It’s before 4:00 pm, you idiot!”

Me: *Getting annoyed* “I’d appreciate it if you got your phone out of my face. Even if you think it’s before 4:00 pm, I physically can’t do it because the icon is blocked after 4:00 pm, meaning it’s useless if I touch it.”

Customer: “I don’t believe you! Let me see.”

He leaned over the register and began clicking random buttons to try and find the icon which then started popping up random orders on the bump screen. Luckily, my coworker was confused with all the random orders so he came over. He saw the guy almost in the front counter, grabbed him by the shirt, and literally threw him out of the store like rubbish and shut the door.

Never saw the guy again.

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