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10 Lingering Stories For National Fragrance Day

| Right | March 21, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Fragrance Day, because… why not? People have been creating fragrances for thousands of years; the first recorded perfume maker first got into the business in 1,200 BCE! Some people like a light spritz here and there that leaves you wanting more. Some people, though, are a little more heavy-handed, leaving a heavy, lingering aroma wherever they go. And Heaven forbid you hug them! Yikes!

We hope these 10 stories about perfumes and fragrances stick with you all day long!


Scents & Senseless Abilities – Follow your nose!

No Common Scents – Maybe the perfume was making their eyes water?

Fuming Over Perfuming – Awww, it’s always nice to run into a customer who cares.

Your Demand Has Shattered – Hits from the comments: “Why is it that almost no one considers themselves a ‘loyal customer’ until they’re having a bratty tantrum?”

PAIN! The New Fragrance – And you just know if they mess it up, they’ll blame you.

(Not The) Scent Of A Woman – Oh, no! Not… man smell!

Past The Point Of No Return, Part 6 – Hits from the comments: “She stinks at theft.”

Putting The Scent Into Ascents – You could almost make a case for it being a gas, but that doesn’t matter.

The Gift Of A Good Comeback – His poor wife!

They’ll Be (Per)Fuming – We smell a scam…


We hope you enjoyed this Fragrance-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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