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Say Your Cheese Fries Goodbyes

, , | Right | March 21, 2021

I work as a food cashier for a ski resort. You walk into a room where all the food is sold, you put everything you want onto a tray, and then to leave the room you have to go past the cashiers and pay for everything you have. We close at 4:30 every day and the doors to the room are shut.

Some people come in late and stay in the room after 4:30, so we can’t shut the doors and trap them in. Various customers keep asking me if they can go in and I keep saying no because we are closed. Then, they get pissed at me because there are still people in there.

After I’ve dealt with this for a solid ten minutes, the last customer comes to the register.

All hot food closes at four. You can buy drinks and snacks until 4:30 but nothing like pizza or fries, etc. This guy walks up to me with some cheesy fries.

Customer: “I’m not paying for these.”

Me: “Well, they were already made, so you can leave them with me if you don’t want to pay, or you can pay.”

Customer: “No, these look like crap; I’m not paying for them.”

I look at them and there isn’t enough cheese on them, and I can potentially see what the problem is.

Customer: “Yeah, I go in and ask for the fries and the lady is all put off and annoyed and says the oven to melt the cheese doesn’t work, so she microwaves them and crap.”

I realize what’s going on. He came in after she was closed, she’d already cleaned and turned off the oven, and the fries were already deep-fried, but they didn’t have cheese. He demanded she still make them for him, so she had to use the microwave. Then, he had the audacity to be annoyed by it.

Me: “Well, I’m sorry about that, but you still have to pay.”

Customer: “I want to talk to your manager!”

My manager is like ten feet away.

Me: “[Manager], this guy doesn’t want to pay for his fries!”

She came over and just let him take them. She was right to do that — better not to create more trouble — but I wasn’t going to give in so easy.

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