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23 Crazy Stories About Extreme Hagglers Getting What They Deserve

| Right | August 25, 2020

Dear readers,

It can sometimes be fun to haggle when you’re in an establishment that accepts it. A flea market, maybe. A chain store with prices set by Corporate, definitely not. Sadly, there are many customers out there that didn’t get the memo, who think that haggling isn’t just a quirk of retail, but a basic human right.

We’ve rounded up 23 stories about hagglers, who get the shock of their lives when they discover that their bartering skills are about as useless as their opening offer:


Thou Shalt Not Use The Lord’s Name To Haggle – We’re pretty sure Jesus paid His bills in full.

His Haggling Has Rooms For Improvement – Haggling, harassment – what’s the difference?

Charity Begins At Home Furnishing – This is a most uncharitable landlord.

No Sub-Price For The Sub-Continent – You’d think he’d want his peers to succeed in business!

Coming Face To Face With A Little Haggler – Awww, a Karen in training!

Oil Try Again Somewhere Else – There’s a fine, fine line between a haggle and a scam.

Holy Haggling Hags, Batman! – What’s the point of haggling if you’re haggling alone?

What Is The Price To Get Rid Of You? – It’s so satisfying to be able to tell hagglers what you really think!

Haggling That Makes No Cents – If you can’t take the heat (or the price), stay out of the yard sale!

Won’t Be Checking Out With This Cart – This guy’s in for a heaping dose of Karma instantáneo.

Those On Last Shift Get The Last Word – When haggling doesn’t work, try throwing things!

Will Not Rise Like A Phoenix – If there’s a time and place for bartering, ten minutes before your flight at the airport is NOT it.

Attracting A Fridge Magnet – This person seriously needs to get a life.

Giving You Side-Eye – Thirty-five cents is so worth the effort.

Still Get Some Haggler Stragglers – When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in America… don’t haggle.

Dressing Down The Price – Don’t. Enable. The hagglers!

Thou Shalt Not Use The Lord’s Name To Haggle, Part 2 – This customer’s not the only one who can play the God card.

A Box Troll – This editor needed a moment to calm down after reading this one. Ugh!

Haggle Is A Hassle – This one will really wrinkle your skirts.

Your Prices Are Tequilling Me – All this haggling is spirit-crushing.

A Cancer Of Convenience – Using cancer as a bargaining chip is a really low blow.

No Price Is Good Enough For Dealing With You – We’re rooting for the cactus, too.

Actually Haggling With You About Haggling – And finally, a story about someone who doesn’t want to haggle!


We hope you enjoyed this haggling-themed roundup! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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