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You’ve Got To Apple Watch Them Very Closely

, , , | Right | CREDIT: sunghooter | March 17, 2022

I work at a retail store for a major wireless carrier in a mall. It was a slow weekday afternoon with just me and another representative on the floor and no other customers present. The other representative was training me.

Three younger women walked in.

Woman #1: “Can I have my credit checked to get a phone?”

[Woman #2] stayed with the first while the [Woman #3] made a beeline for the Apple Watch display. [Woman #3] immediately triggered a pressure alarm on a watch, which I quickly deactivated before returning to my trainer. Then, [Woman #3] approached me.

Woman #3: “Can you throw something away for me?”

It appeared to be packaging, but I paid no attention to it.

[Woman #1] finished getting credit checked and left abruptly with the other two.

Then, an employee from another nearby wireless store walked in.

Employee: “Three women were just in our store and they stole some earbuds.”

We quickly realized that an Apple Watch was missing and that the packaging I had thrown away was from the stolen earbuds from the other store.

The information from [Woman #1]’s driver’s license that was required to process her credit check was forwarded to law enforcement. I felt like a dope because not only did I deactivate the alarm to the watch she stole, but I then helped her dispose of evidence. That was pretty bold.

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