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PTSD Versus I-Am-Needy

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My spouse and I are walking through the clothing section when a lady calls out to us, pointing to my spouse.

Customer: “Hey, you! Where can I find these pants in a size fourteen?”

Spouse: “Sorry, I don’t work here. I think there’s an employee by the dressing rooms.”

We continue walking.

Customer: “Hey! Hey! Get back here! I’m not done talking to you!”

I turn around, unfortunately just in time to see the lady grab my spouse’s arm.

Me: “Lady, wait—”

Too late. My spouse shrieks, grabs the lady, and throws her over them onto the floor. They back up afterward, muttering apologies all the while.

Customer: “Ow! F***! The a**hole threw me!”

Me: “My spouse already said they don’t work here! And even if they did, you shouldn’t be grabbing employees, much less ones who are combat veterans!”

While I was trying to comfort my spouse, the commotion attracted the attention of several actual employees, who subsequently called security. After questioning all of us, they determined that my spouse was acting in self-defense, and they and I were free to go. While the customer was able to get up and walk, she was taken to medical services anyway.

I thought that would be the end of it, but a month later, we received a notice from the customer’s lawyer that she was trying to charge us for assault due to the incident. Thankfully, the store was more than willing to provide security footage and witness accounts to prove otherwise, and the case was dropped.

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