You’re Getting Paid To Be Trained! Let It Happen!

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I’m leaving my current job, but I’m good friends with my boss and, from what I’ve heard, the guy taking my job has been pushed out of another department so he might not be the best. I’m doing all I can to hand over my tasks to my replacement.

However, this is a particularly easy task as he seems to know everything already!

Me: “This is important; the department manager will get all kinds of irate if it’s not done properly.”

Replacement: “Yeah, the report, I know.”

Me: “Oh, have you run it before in your previous department?”

Replacement: “No, but [Boss] told me about it.”

Me: “Okay… So, should I go through it?”

Replacement: “Nah, I got it.”

Me: “Okay. So, looking at the check sheet, either we’ve gone over everything or you’ve declined to, so we are done. I am happy to go through anything again that you’d like.”

Replacement: “Nah, I’ll be okay.”

Me: “Okay, great. Well, good luck!”

I email my boss with the list of everything I offered to go through and I let him know that I offered several times to go through things but was declined. I leave a few days later.

I get a missed call from my old boss a week after, so I call him back.

Me: “Hey, how is it going?”

Old Boss: “Just seeing how it’s going for you. Are you liking your new job?”

Me: “Well… it’s only been a week, so it’s hard to tell. How’s my replacement doing?”

Old Boss: “Well, not a great start; from what I can tell, he has done nothing at all. When I pulled him up on it, he tried to blame you!”

Me: “But I did go through everything with him. I sent you the list.”

Old Boss: “No, you did, and thanks. We will have to have a think about if we’ll keep him on. So no regrets about leaving?”

Me: “Sorry, I will let you know if I do.”

I never did go back, but I keep in touch with my old boss. The know-it-all turned out to have been a major pain in his last job, doing little but complaining lots. They eventually fired him and are struggling for a replacement.

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