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You Shall Not Pass… The Hydrant

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I’m driving along the main road that I take to work. There are three lanes and the traffic for rush-hour is just starting up. Up ahead of me, I see two cars, one a smaller silver car, and the other is a big, black jeep. The jeep is obviously in a hurry, while the silver car is going under the speed limit, so the jeep signals to try and pass them. Right before they can, the silver car swerves into the lane, cutting the jeep off.

All right, it could be that they just forgot they needed to turn soon or something. So, the jeep shifts to stay in the middle lane. But then the silver car shifts over again, cutting them off. They try for the right lane, and the silver car moves over again. At this point, it is obvious that the silver car is deliberately cutting off the jeep, which, as far as I can tell, hasn’t done anything besides trying to pass the car.

They end up going back and forth across the lanes, cutting off other cars, with the silver car brake-checking a few times, almost causing the jeep to hit them. Finally, the silver car overshoots when trying to cut the jeep off in the right lane and ends up popping up onto the curb. They slam into a fire hydrant, tilting it slightly and causing a burst of steam from the engine. The jeep swerves and drives on, as do several other cars, and so do I. The damage to the silver car doesn’t seem too bad, so they are probably okay, but even if they aren’t, I don’t feel sorry at all, given that they were endangering all of us on their road with that stunt.

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