Women In The Workplace: A Play

, , , | Friendly | December 17, 2019

(I am a young woman in my early twenties. The theatre company I’m a part of builds its stage every year for its productions, and everyone is expected to help out. Some cast and crew members even bring their families to help. I’ve helped with all sorts of renovations and builds throughout my whole life, and a few stage builds, so I’m not green to this sort of labour. However, there still remains the stigma that pretty girls who can sing and dance don’t or shouldn’t know a lick about construction. I pick up a drill and the father to one of our younger actors comes up to me, smiling smugly.)

Smug Man: “Miss, do you even know how to use that thing?”

Me: “I can show you where I can put it.”

(That seemed to scare him off for a while. Later, I am helping an older relative to one of our company members disassemble some older pieces from years prior. He is holding the pieces in place while I use my drill to take out the screws. One screw is particularly stripped, but before I can suggest some methods I know to taking out stripped screws, guess who strolls up?)

Smug Man: “See, you have no idea what you’re even doing.”

Me: “Fine. Good luck a**hole.”

(Sick of him, I shove the drill into his hands before stomping off. About an hour later, the nice man who I was helping comes up to me.)

Nice Man: “I have to talk with you about something.”

(The theatre company has a strict policy on cursing, so I think it’s about the comment I gave earlier.)

Me: “If it’s about that other guy, I was just sick of him and–“

Nice Man: “Yeah, me, too. You shouldn’t have left. He stripped the rest of them bald. He makes a terrible foreman, and even worse of a worker. We need more gals like you helping out.”

(His kind comments helped me get through the rest of the day. Though the jerks are rare, all the kind people — men and women — who support and work with each other make it worth it.)

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