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Will Take A Pizza Your Mind

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(It is before online ordering and paying with a card over the phone is a thing. I am a junior in high school and have just started doing some random things around the neighborhood, such as mowing lawns, for a little bit of extra cash. One Saturday night, after seeing my brother with a pizza with all meat, I decide I want one, as well. I order the same exact pizza about an hour after he ordered his. This being the small town that it is, there is exactly ONE pizza place which has delivery and is a large chain. The local, and generally better, pizza places don’t deliver and have already closed for the night. After ordering the pizza, I sit down to play some video games and keep checking the time… 30 minutes, no pizza… 45 minutes, no pizza… one hour, no pizza… So I call back.)

Employee: “[Pizza Place]. This is [Employee]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Uh… Yeah…” *gives order and address* “I ordered about an hour ago and it hasn’t arrived. Just wondering how much longer it should take?”

Employee: “Uh… Well, the delivery driver already went out with the orders, so I’ll check when he gets back and find out what’s going on. If he doesn’t show up in another fifteen minutes, call us back.”

Me: “Oh, okay.”

(At this point it’s only thirty minutes before they close for the rest of the night, so I’m worried. Fifteen minutes pass by and still nothing, so I call back.)

Employee: “[Pizza Place]. This is [Employee]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Uh, yeah, I called earlier about [pizza and address], but it never arrived.”

Employee: “The driver said he already delivered that pizza, and your order was [gives time from over two hours ago].”

Me: “No… That was for my brother. I ordered the same thing about an hour later. It was literally a different order. His name is [Brother] and mine was for [My Name].”

Employee: *talks to someone in the background* “No, the person who makes the pizza said there was that order at [two hours ago] and it was delivered.”


Employee: “Don’t call here again.” *hangs up*

(I’ve never been a huge confrontational person, but I never pass it up when I know I’m in the right, so I call back. The employee answers the same way as always.)

Me: “Do NOT EVER hang up on me! I told you that YOU ARE WRONG, and I’m just asking to get the dinner I ordered!”

Employee: “I told you it was already ordered and delivered. Stop trying to get something for free!”

Me: “I DO NOT WANT SOMETHING FREE! I just want my order!”

(My mother and stepfather have come into my room because they hear me shouting over the phone. I have my own phone line I pay for, as well, in my room, because to access the Internet at this time you have to dial in and it ties up the phone lines.)

Employee: “If you call back, I’m calling the cops!”


(The employee hung up on me again. I told my mother and stepfather what was going on and my stepfather, a gentleman who would give you the last sip of water in the desert even if you had a full canteen beforehand, told me he would take care of it and called from the main house line. He started off speaking with the person on the phone… and ended up bringing down the wrath of God on these people. It was seriously the first time I had EVER heard my stepfather become ENRAGED. He explained how there were two people in the house with the same last name, but completely different first names, how the orders were over an hour apart, how people could order something to the same address after ordering something previously, and how he didn’t give a d*** that they’d turned the ovens off five minutes ago; if that pizza wasn’t at the house in thirty minutes he was going to drive over there himself and cook it. They did make the pizza, and it was there promptly, but the delivery driver decided to open his mouth. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but my stepfather, a skinny man standing 6’2” over this kid, let him know his displeasure and unacceptable behavior wouldn’t be let off so easily and slammed the door. On Monday, I learned from one of my friends that his mother just started as the new general manager of said pizza place. I immediately let her know what happened. When she ran the reports for the Saturday this happened, she learned they “tossed it out” thinking it was “just a duplicate.” I guess everyone working that night who had a hand in it got written up.)

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