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Feeble Attempts To Incur Fees

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I live in Hawaii, and I have an account with my state bank. When I move to the mainland, they tell me that I can send a letter to close the account and retrieve the money. I think this is a great way to avoid carrying cash on the plane, so I tell the teller that I will do that.

In my new home, I set up the new bank account and send the letter. I include everything my old bank asks of me, including the line, “Please close all accounts and send the remaining balance to [my address].”

A month later, they send the check and my new bank accepts it. I think that’s the end of it.

Six months after my initial letter, my old bank sends me a fee notice. “Your account has been under the minimum balance amount for six months, and you have accrued $30 in fees. Failure to pay this fee will result in your debt being sent to a collection agency.”

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