Leaking Vital Information

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I work for a convenience store chain as an assistant manager. We have to measure the fuel volume in our underground tanks every day by dipping a long stick marked in inches into each tank, and then converting that into gallons by matching inches to gallons in a book. If the gallons are off, the central office will send a tech crew to check for leaks.

Apparently, the store manager has been faking the readings, as she is too lazy to stick the tanks, for a long time. On her next day off, I enter accurate readings, which are way off.

Meanwhile, the business next door has been complaining that their toilets smell like gasoline. They find that the lines from the tanks to the pumps are leaking and need to be replaced.

The region director asks the repair crew why they can’t just pour concrete around the old lines and call it a day. It is explained to him that concrete won’t stop seeping gasoline, and the EPA will fine the company lots of money, and they would also then have the expense of digging up all that concrete, so they replace the lines.

Because of the length of time the lines had been leaking, it cost a quarter of a million dollars to dig up all the contaminated earth for disposal. The manager was not fired because she was a friend of the owner.

She fired me, though, for “disloyalty.”

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