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When You Effed Yourself

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After some years, upper management is gradually transitioning me into a shift manager by granting me new tasks and responsibilities. One such privilege is being allowed to grant refunds, do discount overrides at the registers, and correct orders.

On a busy evening, I notice a woman in her early twenties standing to the side with an angry expression, looking like she is waiting to speak to someone. I approach her.

Me: “Did you need help?”

Customer: “F*** you.”

I walk away.

Customer: “You aren’t the person I ordered with. I don’t need your help.”

A few minutes later, the cashier that took her order appears and asks what’s wrong.

Customer: “I just now noticed this sign over there that says I can get this for [special], but you charged me the full price!”

Cashier: “Oh, I’m sorry! He can give you the discount and refund you the difference.” *Points to me*

She turns the color of a stop sign while slowly walking over to me.

Customer: “Um… hi…”

Me: “No, no, no… I asked you if you needed help, and what was your answer?”

Customer: “I didn’t know you were the manager or whatever in charge. But can you—”

Me: “Ma’am? Listen to the question. I asked you if you needed help, and what was your exact response? Quote it.”

Customer: *Pauses* “F*** you.”

Me: “There you go. Next in line, please!”

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