We’re Really Starting To Get Heated Over This Hotel Staff

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I am the author of this story and a few others. Here is another story from the same hotel.

Every winter holiday season, our catering department holds a holiday banquet where people can buy tickets and come and eat at the buffet. This runs over the course of multiple days.

Our catering department puts up decorated trees and lights everywhere in the lobby and ballroom. The electrical breakers periodically pop because, between the lights and the heated buffet tables, it is just too much.

This leads to a cycle where the maintenance staff unplug lights to keep the buffet running, but then the catering manager just goes and plugs all the lights back in, and around and around.

The solution that management comes up with is this.

One maintenance worker is selected to stand at the electrical breaker panel during the banquet hours with an oven mitt on to turn breakers back on when they pop. Why the oven mitt, you ask? Because the panel gets so hot that he can’t touch it with his bare hands.

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