In This Case, MOD Apparently Stands For Master Of Drunkenness

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During my younger days, I worked at the front desk of a hotel that, to say the least, has helped me appreciate all jobs that I had after it. Here is one fun story:

We have a night auditor that works Sunday night through Thursday night, 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, every week. He is nearly seventy years old. There is another position for someone to work this same shift on Friday and Saturday nights, which, as you can imagine, would be hard to keep filled, as it’s an overnight position with only two shifts. My boss has decided to hire a questionable person into this role, as he was the only applicant.

I am working the evening shift, 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and it has been a smooth evening thus far. Eleven comes and goes and the weekend night auditor does not show up. I call him multiple times with no answer and then call my manager to see what she wants me to do.

She explains that there are only three people that know how to do this work: the weekly night auditor, who we cannot call because we will mess up his sleep schedule and possibly cause more problems for ourselves; the weekend night auditor, who we currently cannot get ahold of; and one of our Managers-On-Duty that was just promoted out of the role and has already worked 9:00 am to 9:00 pm today.

My manager explains that I need to call the MOD and ask him if he can come in. 

I call him.

“[MOD], hey, listen, [Weekend Night Auditor] didn’t show up,” I explain. “Can you come to work?”

[MOD] is very obviously drunk as he responds, “WHAT’S UP, BUDDY?! OF COURSE, I’LL BE RIGHT THERE!”

He hangs up before I can say anything else and shows up a while later, blitzed as can be.

I call my manager again to see what she wants me to do, and she says we don’t have any other choice.

We then start doing the night audit, where everything was hilarious to [MOD] until about 3:00 am, where he takes on a more subdued demeanor. I essentially watch him go from being drunk all the way to a hangover, and he’s been awake for over twenty-four hours. I have also been up for nearly twenty-four hours by the end of the shift.

We are able to complete the work, and then I drive him home, as he can barely stay awake.

My boss does not fire the weekend night auditor, and this is not the last time that he doesn’t show up for a shift. More stories to come!

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