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Well, That’s A New One

, , , , , | Working | December 1, 2021

I’m ordering two burritos. I go through the first one. It doesn’t have many fillings but the worker seems pretty new, so it takes a long while. It doesn’t exactly look great, but I guess it will taste okay. The second burrito has nearly everything on it and takes even longer. Again, they are new, so I’m being super patient. 

Eventually, it gets to rolling, and after four attempts and swearing several times…

Worker #1: “I give up.”

And the worker walks off.

Me: “Err, what?”

A few minutes later, and still, no one is there.

Me: “Hello? Anyone?”

Worker #2: “Sorry about that. I didn’t realise no one was here. What can I get you?”

Me: “Well, that was my order sitting there.”

Worker #2: “D*** it, [Worker #1]. I am so sorry. This looks a bit of a mess. Do you want me to remake it?”

Me: “I’ve been here a while now. If you can save that one, I will take it.”

She rolls the burrito, packs my food, and checks me out. She applies some discount as it comes out a lot cheaper.

Worker #2: “Again, sorry for the mess.”

Me: “Oh, no worries. We got there in the end. It’s difficult being new at any job.”

Worker #2: “Oh, he’s not new, just useless. Have a good day.”

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