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They Don’t Get Paid Enough To Care Who Pays

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My husband goes in to return a bunch of empties (cans and bottles). He stands in line to cash the voucher. On his turn, he hands over the voucher.

Husband: “Just this voucher.”

The cashier scans the voucher, waits as the belt slowly advances, takes the pralines from the next customer in line, and scans them.

Cashier: “3.10€.”

Husband: “I just had the voucher.”

Next Guy In Line: “Oh, those are mine.”

Cashier: “3.10€.”

Husband: “No, I just wanted to cash the voucher. That’s not my product.”

Cashier: “Well, I already scanned it.”

Husband: “Remove it, please. I just want my money.”

Cashier: “Can’t you just pay? It’s 3.10€.”

Husband: “This is not mine. I don’t want to buy this guy’s pralines. I just want my money.”

Cashier: “You’re holding up the line. Just pay now and resolve this with him after.”

Husband: “No! Just give me the money for my voucher, please.”

The cashier grumbles and makes a big production of punching around on the register elaborately, before dumping his coins on the belt.

Cashier: “Next!”

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