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The Price Is Right, Part 2

, , , , , | Right | October 16, 2020

I work in an independent charity shop benefitting a local charity. A lady has come in to donate some beautiful ornaments from a well-known and expensive designer.

Lady: “Please don’t sell these cheaply; they are very valuable.”

Me: “They are lovely. I’ll pop a note on for our manager; she will make sure they have the right price on them.”

Lady: “I just want to make sure you don’t sell them for next to nothing.”

Me: “Our manager will research them and put the right price on; please don’t worry. Thank you so much for donating them.”

As we’re speaking, a customer comes up with a pair of brand-new shoes, still with the original labels and price tags on, that we have priced at a third of the original price.

Customer: “These are really expensive. Why are they so dear?”

Me: “They are brand new; they’re actually at a huge discount.”

Customer: “But you’re a charity shop. This stuff is all donated; you get it for free! You should be selling it cheaply, not for prices like this!”

The lady does not even look at the customer but speaks up VERY loudly and clearly.

Lady: “I’m so glad you’re going to put a proper price on these ornaments. I spent a lot of money on them and I am so pleased they are going to make your charity a lot of money. I would be devastated if I came in and saw them with a silly low price on. I would rather sell them myself and just donate the money to you. Thank you for all the work your charity does; you deserve every penny people spend in this shop.”

She then turns round, looks at the customer, and glances at the shoes.

Lady: “Either pay the price or put them back. You should be ashamed.”

The very red-faced customer paid the full price without a word. You go, lady! I wish I could say exactly what you said.

The Price Is Right

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