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The Price Is Right

, | Right | July 7, 2017

(Most ice cream vendors sell a scoop for one Euro or less; I’ve decided to try out a vendor which sells ‘original handmade Italian ice cream’ which charges 10 cents more.)

Me: “Hi, one scoop of vanilla, please.”

Vendor: “Okay, here you go, that’s 1.10€.”

Me: “Here you go.” *hands over correct amount*

Vendor: “Excuse me, miss, we charge 1.10€, so…”

Me: “Oh, didn’t I give you enough? I’m sure it was 1.10.”

Vendor: *looks at money on counter* “It actually is. Right on the first try!” *beams* “Enjoy your ice cream!”

(I wonder how often a day he has to have this conversation until he automatically has to assume that no customer has read the price sign.)