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I’m a customer in this story, browsing through a well-known charity shop with my mum when a customer approaches the charity shop counter.

Customer: (slightly brusque tone) Do you sell anything new?

Staff-member: (looking surprised) No, this is a charity shop.

Customer lets out an annoyed grunt and walks out.

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In the shop.
I overhear two women talking about whether or not something would be for sale.
They decided that it must be – “because it’s a charity shop.”

“I like your top. This is a charity shop, everything should be for sale so how much is it?”

“I’m sorry, it’s mine.
It’s not for sale.”

“It must be. It’s a charity shop. Everything should be for sale.”

“Not my clothes! Actually the only place I’m able to get these tops is Campden market in London.”

“Well, that’s too far for me to go, I want to buy that one!
It’s a charity shop – everything should be for sale!”

They then wandered around the shop muttering about how unfair I was because “it’s a charity shop…”

I was lost for words!

He Broke His Bed Now He Must Lie In It  

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(We sell second-hand furniture for charity. I sold a solid oak bed for £100 to a customer who had already kicked up a fuss in regard to the price, until I offered a price match where if he could find the same or similar cheaper I’d match the price. Not surprisingly, he didn’t, but he bought the bed anyway. This is a followup a week later.)

Customer: “I want my money back for this bed.” *shows me the paperwork*

Me: “Okay, what is the issue?”

Customer: “The bed broke when my daughter sat on it.”

(He shows me a picture of a girl around fourteen, who weighs no more than nine stone. Now, remember, it’s a solid oak bed and I, myself, sat on it and I was about sixteen stone at the time. The customer is about twenty-one stone and is obviously the one who broke the bed.) 

Me: “Okay, no problem. Did you want to exchange or get a refund?”

Customer: “I want my money back.”

Me: “Okay, no problem. I’ll send my van guys out to collect the bed and when it’s back in the store, just pop in with the receipt and I’ll give you your refund.”

Customer: “Okay, when will they get the bed?”

Me: “Let me have a look… I can do two days from now.”

Customer: “Okay.”

(It’s all booked in and he goes away. Two days later, the van guy calls me from the customer’s house.)

Van Guy: “Hey, [My Name], I’m at this guy’s house but they’ve thrown the bed away; there’s nothing here.”

Me: “Okay, just get him to sign to say you turned up and carry on with the other collections.”

(I am slightly annoyed, as it costs us £11 to send a collection out, which is completely free for the customer, so we’re essentially losing money when nothing comes back. The next day, the customer walks in.)

Customer: “I want my money.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot offer a refund as there is no item.”

Customer: “I want my money.”

Me: “Sir, as I explained to you the other day, I needed the item to be able to do the refund, and you threw the bed away. Therefore, I cannot return any money.”

Customer: *starting to shout and inch closer to me* “I. Want. My. Money.”

Me: “Sir, I understand, but I cannot give you money on an item that isn’t here.”

Customer: “I want to speak to a manager.”

Me: “I am the manager; however, I’m happy to call my area manager and see what he says.”

(The customer okays this, so I call the area manager. I briefly explain the situation and he bluntly says no, and even speaks to the customer and explains again why he can’t have a refund. All goes well, and they hang up after my boss tells me not to do the refund.)

Customer: “I want my money.”

Me: “Sir, as I have told you several times, and as my boss has just told you, you can’t have any money.”

Customer: “Your boss said I could.”

Me: “Sorry, he told me that he explained you couldn’t and he told me you couldn’t.”

(Very angry and going red, the guy gets about a centimetre away from my face and pokes me in the chest, with my big-a** warehouse guy standing there ready to come over.)

Customer: “I am Czech! My Czech friends and I will come here and do bad things to you! I want my money!”

Me: *trying to keep calm before I explode and punch him* “I’ve said, ‘No.’ Now, please step back and do not touch me again or I will phone the police and have you arrested.”

Customer: *still refusing to back off* “I want my money now or you will be sorry.”

(This is where I signalled to the big-a** warehouse guy and the slightly smaller big-a** warehouse guy who had joined the party. They stepped between us and edged the customer out of the shop, telling him he was banned and if he came into the shop again we would call the police due to his behaviour.)

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(The shop I work at is having an end-of-season sale. Everything has been reduced to £1. There are signs all over the shop saying “everything £1”. And yet the following would happen more times than I’d care to count…)

Customer: *comes to the counter with an item* Excuse me, how much is this?

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I work in a charity shop for a pretty big heart charity here in the UK. When we are donated DVDs, CDs etc we check them thoroughly for scratches before sealing the case with a sticker.

Customer: *puts a really cheap DVD on counter* I’d like to check this isn’t scratched.

Me: There’s no need, we check them thoroughly ourselves before sealing the case.

Customer: I don’t care, I still want to check it.

Me: *notices queue of other customers behind her* There really is no need, we check each disc thoroughly before we put them out for sale.

Customer: I want to check the DVD myself.

Me: That would make my life extremely difficult as I would have to remove the sticker and let you inspect the disc. Then, if you decide you don’t want the DVD I have to leave the till unattended to get another sticker from out the back to reseal the DVD to put it back out for sale.

Customer: *in an extremely aggressive tone* Fine. Give me the reciept and if there is even the smallest of imperfections on that disc I’m bringing it back for a refund.

The lovely customer then paid for the DVD entirely in small change which I had to count before putting it into the till, what usually would have taken 10-20 seconds to do then took me a few minutes.