Someone Is Really Cheesed Off

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(I work at a customer service center for a large food chain. A female customer placed an order online earlier in the day and calls to inform me that there was apparently a mistake.)

Customer: “Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback on an order I received and my local store told me to call you because they said they can’t help me.”

Me: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience. What would be the issue?”

Customer: “Okay, so I ordered online like I usually do and the store didn’t make my food correctly.”

Me: “What was incorrect about the order?”

Customer: “They gave me two meat pizzas and two plain cheese pizzas when I ordered four meat pizzas!”

Me: “Well, I did pull up your order here and it does show that you placed two meat pizzas and two cheese pizzas on your order…”

Customer: “I didn’t do that. Your website must have done that!”

Me: “Well, if you would like, I can ask my supervisor to check on our website sessions to see your exact steps taken on the website.”

Customer: “Do that, because I know for a fact that I did not order this!”

(My supervisor, not surprisingly, tells me that she did order two cheese pizzas among her other pizzas. So, I once again inform her that she did order what she received.)

Customer: “I did not! I did not! I did not!”

Me: “I sincerely apologize that you did not receive what you intended to order. Unfortunately, our hands are tied here since the store already told you that they would not compensate you, but we can forward your comments to the upper management of that store to inform them that you are not satisfied.”

Customer: “Why would I order two cheese pizzas? I was ordering for a group of men who are working on my house. Men do not eat cheese pizzas!”

Me: *stunned silence*

Customer: “Your website should know that cheese pizzas are not for men! I will never order from your company again!”

Me: “I… apologize?”

Customer: *click*

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