You Mexican’t Say That

, , , | Right | March 25, 2020

(I work as a cashier at a Mexican restaurant.)

Me: *hands a customer his change*

Customer: “You know, this is a Mexican restaurant.”

Me: “It is indeed!”

Customer: “Okay, but how did you get hired?”

Me: “Um… I applied, and they thought I was good for the job?”

Customer: “But you’re not Mexican.”

Me: “No, sir, I’m not.”

Customer: “So, you don’t speak Spanish or anything.”

Me: “Actually, I’m taking Spanish as my second language in school. I actually speak it quite well.”

Customer: “But you’re white. I just don’t understand how you got hired.”

Me: “Okay, sir, your food will be ready in ten minutes. Have a great day.”

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