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So Much For “Anti-Bullying”

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I used to be the Social Committee representative for my department. The committee had organized a day on which everyone in the company would wear a pink T-shirt to support a nationwide anti-bullying campaign, and the president of the committee decided that it would be a good idea for every department to get a photo taken for the company newsletter.

Social Committee President: “I’m leaving it up to each rep to make sure that as many people as possible are included in their department’s photo. That means sending out an email in the morning and then going around to everyone’s desk shortly before your department’s appointment time and reminding them.”

So, on the morning of the picture-taking, I sent out an email. Approximately fifteen minutes before our appointment, I went to everyone’s desk as instructed. Most of the people had already left, so it didn’t take me long. I got to the last desk approximately five minutes before the appointment time. Satisfied, I walked over to the elevator so that I could join my department. Just then, the elevator doors opened and a bunch of chattering people emerged, all wearing pink T-shirts.

Me: “What’s going on? Why are you back? Did something go wrong?”

Colleague: “Photo’s done!”

Me: “What? Already? But our appointment isn’t until 2:00, and it’s only five minutes to.”

Colleague: “Yes! Even though it was a bit early, we did a nose count and realized we were all there, so the photographer got it over with.”

Me: “Um… not everyone was there.”

Colleague: “Like who?”

Me: “Like ME.”

Colleague: “Oh. Oops.” *Giggles* “I guess we forgot you.”

It probably sounds very petty, but I was hurt and upset to be left out. My department wasn’t very big, and it wouldn’t have taken much for someone to notice that I was missing — especially since they knew I was the department representative. I’d already had some not-great experiences with the Social Committee, and that was the last straw that convinced me to quit.

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