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Multiple Systemic Failures

, , , , , | Working | June 1, 2022

I am a customer using the self-checkout machine closest to the employee terminal. At the terminal are an employee and an older woman who were there before I walked up to use the self-checkout. As I’m checking out, I gather that the woman believes she has some kind of coupon linked to her rewards account that has not been applied correctly. 

Customer: “I don’t understand why your system is so screwed up.”

Employee: “It isn’t my system; it’s just software the company uses.”

Customer: “Well, it isn’t my system — it doesn’t belong to me — so then it must be your system.”

Employee: “Look, I have nothing to do with the system, ma’am, and I don’t appreciate the tone you’re using with me. I am trying to help you. It’s just chicken; it’s not the end of the world.”

I had to leave at this point, but I let out a stifled giggle that the woman angry over a chicken coupon didn’t appreciate.

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