Questionable Behavior, Part 2

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(It is late evening and I am trying to look busy by fixing things by my register when I spot a customer wanting to check out. I lead her to my register and see she looks very clearly irritated. Keep in mind I was yelled at earlier today.)

Me: “Hi. Did you find everything all right?”

Customer: *with a clear attitude, but quietly* “No!”

(Realizing I don’t feel like getting yelled at again, I keep my mouth shut and begin ringing her up.)

Customer: “So, let me ask you a question. Why do you ask that question if you don’t want us to respond?”

Me: “It’s a part of my routine, ma’am.”

Customer: “Oh, so, you don’t really care about your customers at all, then, and you just say it because you have to?”

Me: *sighs, feeling fed up* “To be honest with you, ma’am, I didn’t really hear you that well, and you already seemed upset, and I simply did not want to worsen your mood.” *moment of silence* “Your total is—“

(The customer puts her chip in the reader as I hand her her bag and I look at my screen to see if it will ask for her signature. Before I know it, I get hit with her merchandise and I look up to see her storming out the door. She has taken her card before it could completely charge her and left.)

Coworker: *happens to step away from her register to see the customer throw her items at me* “Do we just cancel her transaction?”

Questionable Behavior

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