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Poor Baby. Ollie, Not The Kid.

, , , , , , | Related | May 28, 2020

My neighbors have a small dog named Ollie who can get a little yappy. He only makes excessive noise when he needs something or is unhappy, from what I’ve seen. They take good care of him, so it’s not usually a problem.

Then, they have a baby. Ollie has always been comfortable being an indoor dog and only going outside for short walks. The neighbors start leaving him outside all day long once the baby comes, and Ollie is not at all happy with this. He yaps at their back door most of the day.

Instead of addressing the core issue, they just shout out the window, “Shut up, Ollie!” whenever he gets too loud.

Fast forward a year, and their baby is starting to talk. Care to guess what his first words are? 

That’s right, they are, “Shut up, Ollie!”

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